To speak with the hotel staff, you can communicate via WhatsApp business to our number +52 (664) 664 161 2893 , we will gladly assist you.

• Every person staying at the Brecha Hotel will be subject to this regulation. It must be respected at all times in order to preserve an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility within the facilities, respecting their own stay and that of the guests.

• This establishment is Pet Friendly, however, the hotel and overnight areas are free of pets.

• The entry time (check in) is from 15:00 hrs.

• The departure time (check out) is at 12:00 hrs.

 For security reasons, visits to guests inside the room are strictly prohibited. Visitors will be able to use the facilities for common use (restaurants, cafeterias and internal public spaces).

• Parties or loud music are not allowed inside the room or in any area of the hotel.

We invite you to eat your favorite foods within the hotel facilities. If you like, you can order from your favorite app, we will gladly take it to your room or you can pick it up personally.

• The use of fireworks, drugs and other psychotropic substances inside the rooms, as well as in the surrounding areas of the hotel, is strictly prohibited. (Terrace and Public Areas).

Complying with the standard set by the state law for protection against exposure to tobacco smoke, our establishment is a smoke-free hotel, therefore, the person who violates or incurs in any opposite action, must cover the penalty of $5,000 M.N.

• If a damage or loss of any decorative object or habitual use (TV, controls, electronic devices, among others) is detected inside the rooms, the guest must cover the corresponding warning for the damaged/loss equivalent to the value of the object. damaged.

We are an environmentally friendly hotel, we ask you to support us by contributing to make it so. We invite you to read our section on caring for the environment and the practices we use to care for our environment.

• In case of not complying with any of the rules of these hotel regulations, the eviction of the room will be requested without any refund.



• An official identification for registration will be requested at the time of registration.

• No guest may give accommodation to another person who is not duly registered on the reservation card. This for the safety of the guest himself.

• Without exception, a deposit of $ 2000.00 mexican currency. 
Or, leave Voucher open for the same amount.

• All our rates include VAT and ISH.

• All reservations must be guaranteed before arrival. 

• Once the reservation is confirmed, the guest accepts all the terms and conditions of Brecha Hotel and its cancellation policy.


If I book under a flexible rate, you can cancel or make changes to the date,
subject to availability, up to 15 days before the date of arrival.
There is no penalty in this period of time

Cancellations received 15 days or less from the date of arrival.
100% of the room will be penalized.
Date changes subject to availability.

Due to the type of establishment we manage, in case of cancellation,
no refund applies. Although you can make date changes.

The cancellation must be submitted in writing to the following email address, specifying the information required and mentioned above, providing a general reason for the situation that leads to its cancellation.

Changes and/or cancellations to reservations through OTA'S or web pages per third party, must be modified through the same channels.